May 2018 Exhibition stall “Hypertension and Alzheimer’s disease – what is the link?”; Bristol, UK;  Research without Borders showcase exhibition

May 2018 Panel discussion “Do you know what they know? Challenges in a data-driven world”; Bristol, UK; Research without Borders evening discussion series, in collaboration with the Jean Goulding Institute

April 2018 “Mendelian randomization: a novel approach for the prediction of adverse drug events and drug repurposing opportunities”; Toronto, Canada; International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology mid-year meeting

April 2018 Poster presentation “What is the impact of regulatory guidance and expiry of drug patents on dementia drug prescriptions in England?“; Bristol, UK;  University of Bristol brain research showcase and networking day

March 2018 Teaching seminar on the use of Mendelian randomization in drug discovery and target validation; Bristol, UK; Bristol Medical School Mendelian randomization short course

December 2017 “Predicting drug success using genetic evidence”; Bristol, UK; University of Bristol biomedical and health sciences industry day

June 2017 “Power calculator for instrumental variable analysis in pharmacoepidemiology”; Edinburgh, UK;  The UK Administrative Data Research Network Annual Research Conference

March 2017 Poster presentation “Prescribing practice for drugs for dementia in the UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink”; Aberdeen, UK; Alzheimer’s Research UK Research Conference